esperando a los cuchillos

hello here are we, watching the semifinal of falla, only fartan one group of carnaval, and i think already that is going to win los pureta, great show, this year this people are the best with different.
in comparsa i don´t have it very clear. for a one hand are carapapa´s comparsa, is wonderful, first posision in cualquié year, but, for the other hand is aragon, who sings in italianini, and is amazing,
how i have said before, i haven´t it very clear.
in cuarteto, for my is obvious, gago´s cuarteto must win, that style is wich like to me. in coro, really, i don´t know, i haven´t seen a lot of coros.

my apuesta for the final are:

chirigotas team
puretas, principiante, pepis

comparsas dream
duende colorao, serenissima, sacabó el cuento (o siudadano sero)

cuartetos songs
dracula, heidi, vaporsito

coros old school
(i supuse that however) pastrana, julio "el gordo" pardo, los niños

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  1. esto pa ti pa mi, como este año no gane el love a ve k va asé el pobre